Whether you want to go out for some tasty gastronomical delights or for an all-out-debauchery, this list of Easter bars and restaurants in Sydney won’t disappoint. Four days of fun, but where do you start? We’ve put together a guide to all of the best cafes, chocolate shops and bars open this Easter in Sydney.

Coffee, Brunch Adventures and Some Damn Fine Dinners

The joy of being in Sydney over the Easter weekend is that it’s often much easier to get into cafes and restaurants. We’ll admit it’s not an exhaustive list – but we’ve tried to pull together some of the best in town.

Here is where to get your caffeine fix, the best café eats and all of the delicious night-time delicacies over the four-day mini-break.


Good Friday Cocktails, Craft Beers and Grown-up Fun

NSW has strict laws on alcohol sales on Christmas and Good Friday: absolutely no takeaway alcohol, and licensed venues can only serve on premises from midday-10pm. So, in other words, bottle shops are closed. And while pubs are open, they can’t serve takeaway alcohol.

So, before you head out around town in a desperate state of alcohol-deprived panic, what are your options? Here’s where you can get booze on Good Friday.


Our Favourite Easter Chocolate Shops

A well-deserved four day weekend, the socially acceptable devouring of chocolate – Easter is coming!

The options are endless when it comes to the best chocolate shops in town. These top shops will satisfy the world’s most famous craving.


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