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Apply property
You are required to provide:

  • Identification: Photo ID,Medicare card, passport, Driving License, student card
  • Proof of income: Payslips, Bank statements, Employee letter/contract
  • Proof of employment: Employee letter/contract
  • Agent /Personal Reference letters and Tenant Ledger
  • Apply for your application online
What is the bond?
A bond is a form of security. You are required to pay an amount equal to 4 weeks rent and is paid by the tenant and lodged with the RBO directly. It is a fast and convenient way to ensure lodgement and refund of bond money in a secure process.

More information Getting started with rental bond online information

Entry Costs
Upon taking possession of the property, the tenant will be required to pay a minimum of 2 weeks advance rent and 4 weeks bond. All monies must be paid prior to collecting the keys.
Tenancy Agreement
A tenancy agreement is a legally binding document. Please read your tenancy agreement carefully.

The signing of the lease agreement will be conducted at the premise with E Signature. Both parties will receive the signed lease agreement instantly.

Condition report
It is the agent’s obligation to provide the tenant one copy of the digital email condition report within 1 day of moving in.

Tenant must return a copy of the condition report within 7 days, indicating your agreement or disagreement, and this report will be used as evidence at the end of the tenancy if there are any disputes.

Concierge service
Concierge is a complimentary service for all our clients. We take care of all your renting requirements. Your Movologist will take those time consuming tasks such as arranging all your utility and home service connections off your to-do list.

A Movologist will help you compare and choose from a different range of providers to suit your needs. It’s FREE moving service and it should be awesome and hassle-free.

What are your rights as a tenant?
  • Quiet enjoyment of the rented premises
  • Provide privacy in your own home, with access only in accordance with the standard term
  • To ensure the property is in a reasonably clean condition
  • To have repairs done in a timely manner
What are your obligations as a tenant
  • To pay rent on time as agreed
  • To keep the premises reasonably clean
  • Not to use the premise for any illegal purpose
  • Not cause interference with the peace, comfort and privacy of your neighbours
  • To notify the landlord immediately for any repairs and maintenance required
Payment of Rent
The rent must be paid by the due date and one week in advance – your rental payments are to be made by Reconnect one card payment system.
Paying water charges
Under the terms of the standard residential tenancy agreement, the tenant agrees to pay the costs or charges for gas and electricity and water usage as long as the premises are separately metered more information for utility charges
Who pays for exterminating or removing cockroaches in rental properties?

For further information for pests and vermin during the tenancy

Domestic violence in a rented property
For further information for domestic violence in a rented property
Making alterations to the property
Can I now put picture hooks into the wall and minor modifications to a rental property? Making alterations
Repairs & maintenance Repairs
As a tenant, it is your responsibility to contact the landlord if something breaks down, leaks or needs fixing.

Getting the repair done

All repairs must be notified in writing. Please report any repair online or use the Tenant portal.

Tenant portal is a preferable way. It benefits the tenant by monitoring the repair progress and providing trades contact details.

Emergency Repairs
If there is an emergency repair please contact Grace Healey 0416188186 as soon as possible. If you cannot reach Grace please contact the below nominated trades people.

The below constitutes an emergency repair (life-threatening or threatening to the property )

Urgent repairs include:

  • Burst water service or a serious water service leak
  • Serious roof leak
  • Gas leak
  • Dangerous electrical fault
  • Flooding or serious flood damage
  • Serious storm or fire damage
  • Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
  • Failure or breakdown of the hot water service
  • Fault or damage which makes the premises unsafe or insecure

If there is an urgent repair, you need to notify the landlord or agent immediately so that arrangements can be made as soon as possible. If you cannot reach them, check your tenancy agreement for the details of a nominated tradesperson to contact.

Tenant portal
Tenant portal is a mobile-friendly and self-serve tool. It is easy to use and allows 24/7 communication to ensure that tenants never miss a thing.

The tenant can access the tenancy information, lease agreement, tenant ledger, invoices, maintenance, upcoming events and more in real-time.

Benefits of using Tenant Portal
  • Log and monitor maintenance requests
  • By clicking new maintenance, you can enter all the required details and even upload images that will allow you to track the progress of the job and who it was assigned to
  • Message dedicated property manager directly
  • The tenant can keep all communications in the one place
  • Download rent receipts/lease agreement /condition report
  • Review and print the lease agreement and condition report
  • See upcoming events such as inspections
  • The tenant will be able to see when the inspection is scheduled for, and the type of inspection
Please click the relevant link for termination information

  1. End of tenancy
  2. Break the lease
  3. Change of shared tenancy