Newtown is a headline town – it makes the news. Think Newtown, think culture/counter culture, progression, peace, war, love. There’s literally no other place in Sydney, nay Australia with this vibe going on. 


Home to the mighty King Street that winds it way through the centre of the suburb, it has more restaurants, cafes and bars than you can shake a chop stick at. There’s the big name banks, live music venues and great specialty shops close at hand, while St Peters and Newtown train stations are never more than a short walk away.


Well known for its diverse demographic, it’s where university students are neighbours with doctors and lawyers. Where nuclear families live side by side with same sex couples, and city slickers share the same building as graphic artists working from home. From grand Victorian terraces to workers cottages and apartment blocks, Newtown’s property types cater for all.


Newtown has great schools. Kids with stars in the eyes gravitate toward Newtown High, while the local public schools have equally excellent reputations. Sydney University is just down the road, as is the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, plus the city is only a 20 minute bus ride. Fun, quirky and still a bit edgy, Newtown’s got it all, and then some.